Who Are We?

Here at Aashni Spiritual Living, we have discovered the universal framework that underpins all belief systems.

We know that each religion and spiritual practice is valuable and has its place within the universal framework of belief because it was developed as a “prescription” to reduce the suffering of the human condition.

The universal framework explains why there are so many religions and why the same concepts pop up time and time again to peoples who could never have communicated with each other due to distance or different periods in history.

It is the universal framework that provides a scientific method to sort through the madness of a multitude of religions.

Welcome to Aashni Spiritual Living

Direct Your Own Spiritual Transformation

Come open the door to a new kind of spiritual belief system

that accepts all beliefs, all spiritual paths, and all spiritual practices.

Only a roadmap is provided.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

There are Two Paths to Spiritual Attainment

One for Left-Brained People and One for Right-Brained People

Fire represents the path for Left-Brained personalities. They are logical and intellectually based personality types. They process information through the executive function brain circuit. This path works to strengthen the creative and emotional regions of the brain. It brings Compassion to a one-track mind.

Sacrifice and death of the ego is the theme found through the ages. Joseph Campbell named this path, The Hero's Journey. The Hero's Journey is not a monomyth. It is unwise to prescribe any practice or system of spiritual belief to everyone. This path begins with complete destruction of the current way of life. The heart and mind are opened to accept all things as beautiful.

Water represents the path for Right-Brained personalities. They are creative and emotional personality types. They process information through the creative brain circuit. This path works to strengthen the logical and organizational regions of the brain. It brings Peace to a mind filled with possibilities and a heart troubled by worry and anxiety.

The virgin birth of the divine male child is the story that is repeated throughout time and in many cultures. Christianity celebrates the Nativity. Buddhism and Taoism share text called, The Secret of the Golden Flower. In medieval times, it was known as The Grail Path. In Jungian terms, this is the emergence of the animus within the female psyche.

There is a Dark Side to Spirituality

Balance is key to spiritual attainment. When you are not following the belief system that balances your unique personality, you can feel trapped, manipulated, and enslaved by the very system that promised to set you free. In extreme cases, mental or physical illness can occur.

The universal spiritual framework is based in science. It uses neurology, psychology, and physics to determine the best practices for you. The only requirement is for you to "Know Thyself." Once you know yourself, a list of spiritual practices that will bring you to the heights of spiritual attainment will be at your finger tips.

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