The Grail Path – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The First of our Mystical Transformation Series


If you are a creative-emotional personality type 

or are a spiritual professional that guides creative-emotionals then this book is for you.

The Grail Path front cover FINALI do believe that I am the only person who is jealous of the Biblical character Job. Job suffered the complete breakdown of his inner world only once. To date, I have experienced this phenomena three times. In every case, the person who opened my base chakra was well meaning. They truly believed that what they were doing would benefit my spiritual development. However, what occurred was complete psychological devastation, which brought about an all-embracing despair that took much effort on my part to keep from committing suicide. Every spiritual attainment that I had worked months and years to achieve was stripped from my soul.

My research revealed that my physical and psychological setbacks were minor compared to what others have suffered. I was fortunate to regain my mental faculties on all three occasions. I have heard stories of people who went in for a simple energy balancing and were reverted all the way back to infanthood. They could not remember how to walk, talk, or control their bowels. They were literally born again and had to rebuild their whole lives from a blank slate. Some never recovered any memories prior to initiation. Some, like the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, never recovered from the psychological incapacitation. Nietzsche spent the last 10 years of his life in a semi-vegetative state after declaring that God was dead. I have also seen people who have become clinically insane all because the wrong energy was transmitted into their spiritual system.

It is for this reason that I have written this book. NO ONE should have to go through physical agony and gamble the possibility of irreversible psychological harm to achieve inner transformation. The process of spiritual transformation is a natural consequence of a life well lived. Catastrophic psychological events are completely unnecessary when there is a full understanding of the Two Divine Energies and how they operate.

The Good News is:

If you have experienced these types of spiritual problems or caused an energy imbalance in a client or spiritual student, then the devastation can be reversed. Spiritual practices and rituals are designed to invoke and enhance one of two Divine Energies. By changing the practices and rituals you can change the energy that runs through through the spiritual system. I know this because I have done it. The first time took me 10 years. The second time took me 5 years. The third time took only 8 weeks to recover and rebalance my energies. You can do it for yourself or as a spiritual professional you can help those who have had such experiences reverse the damage and reach their highest spiritual potential.

This Book is NOT for Everyone.

The practices and processes that I have described are meant for creative and emotional personality types. The old science defined these people as being right-brained. The newest scientific data has defined these people as having brains that run on the Imagination Circuit. Basically, these people operate from the heart and intuition. They are natural givers, they can feel the emotions of others, and they can intuit creative solutions.

The Grail Path will show you:

  • The four basic personalities that are encompassed within the creative-emotional personality category.
  • Which Divine Energy is the fuel for this inner transformation.
  • Which practices increase the transformative energy
  • The natural progression of inner transformation for a creative-emotional personality
  • The historical background and the spiritual traditions that still use these methods today
  • How to translate the inner meanings of parable, myth, and fairytales
  • It will open your eyes to the reasons why the ego-killing based spiritual transformation system is detrimental to the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of creative-emotional personalities.


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