The Fabric of Life

This month, I am reminded of the medieval May Pole celebrations that occurred on the first of May. The memories of my childhood celebrations with new summer dresses, flowers in our hair, and dancing the May Pole out in a field came flooding back into my mind. For those who have never seen or heard of the May Pole dance, let me give an explanation. A large pole was erected in an open area. Streamers of multicolored fabric were attached at the top. The streamers are twice the length of the pole and the number of streamers attached determines the number of dancers.

The dancers take their places in a circle around the pole so that there is an alternating pattern of male, female, male, female dancers all the way around the circle. As the dance begins, each dancer picks up their designated streamer. The ladies then take 2 steps toward the pole and turn to face the gentlemen. There is now a wheel within a wheel. The ladies form the inner circle and the gentlemen form the outer circle. Once the music starts, the inner circle of ladies moves to the left while the outer circle of gentlemen moves to the right. As you reach each partner, the ribbons are alternately moved over or under before moving to the next partner. The effect is to “weave” the ribbons and create the fabric of life that encases the central pole. When the dance is complete, the ribbons stay woven once the dancers drop the streamers.

An adult revelation occurred from these fond childhood memories. This dance requires that half of the dancers move to the right and half of the dancers move to the left. In essence, the dancers are following the right-hand path or the left-hand path. If everyone moved in the same direction, then nothing would be woven. The dance would create a swirl of streamers that would immediately unwind once the dancers released them.

I realized that the dance of life requires us to weave together the essences of the masculine and feminine. Some achieve this by taking the right-hand path and others accomplish this by taking the left-hand path. In so many spiritual writings, the left-hand path is deemed as wrong or the way of terrible sin. While this is true for intellectually based personalities who become arrogant when Grace is infused, the creative and emotionally based personality type needs and thrives in an atmosphere of increasing Grace.

This whimsical event showed me that the main goal of spiritual development is not to ignore, banish, or defame one of the divine energies. The left-hand path is the yin to the right-handed path’s yang. I found that in order to create The One, we are to unite, marry, or weave these two energies into a wholeness or Holiness.

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