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The Basics of Mysticism is a thought provoking book that has finally bridged the gap between science and religion. It blends the body science of Olympic athletes, cutting edge brain science of the modern era, and the science of the ancient healing energies into one formula that explains every belief system from the dawn of time.

Lost and Found

I have spent the last fifteen years looking through the annuals of history. I discovered that the ancient cultures honored the two spiritual energies as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. They were well aware that spiritual development required the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. The ancients considered the gender of the body as the determining factor in choosing a spiritual path. They believed that the male body was naturally endowed with Divine Masculine energy and the female body was naturally endowed with Divine Feminine energy. As a result, males were automatically assigned the path that raised the Divine Feminine and females were automatically assigned the path that brought down the Divine Masculine.

I found that the landscape of spirituality was forever changed when Zoroaster put forth his theology. Zoroaster proclaimed that the Divine Masculine energy was all good and the Divine Feminine energy was all bad. He was also the first to use the metaphor of war to describe the transformational process. The apocalyptic battle between the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness was born. This philosophy was carried throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The patriarchal revolution, which meant that the only way to spiritual attainment was to kill the ego, was born. From that point on, only the path that raised the Divine Feminine was honored as holy. Since women, for the most part, were unable to endure the initiation of the Divine Feminine, they were eventually banned from initiatory rites and spiritual leadership.

As time when by, the idea that there were two energies, that give rise to two completely different ways to spiritual development, was buried and eventually lost. It is only in recent times that Carl Jung brought back the philosophy that the inner being contains both the animus (male) and the anima (female). Jung’s philosophy resurrected the two elements and he fully defined the death of the ego as uniting with the feminine qualities that were latent within each man. The ancients called this process, “The Way of the King.” While he did understand that women needed to unite with their animus, Jung never fully defined that process. Jung’s protégée, Joseph Campbell, spent many years studying mythology from around the globe. He too realized that there had to be a separate transformational path for women. When asked to define the transformational path for women, he commented that the spiritual path of women would have to be detailed by a woman. Since spiritual development is experienced, he, as a man, would not be qualified to outline the female spiritual path. The concepts of these two men have opened the door to the ancient philosophies. They brought back the masculine and feminine dynamic of the psyche. Next month, I will outline the ancient spiritual path that was intended specifically for women.

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Mysticism is a Science

It wasn’t until my late thirties that I became interested in spirituality. When I asked others to teach me, I was told that mysticism is a mystery. It just unfolds and that each person’s development is unique and that there is no structured education to follow. The map of awakening draws itself as you advance. So, I read the works of the saints and the sages and I soaked in every possible viewpoint, from every religion, that I could get my hands on.

As the sages foretold, my path has been unique. I have taken many wrong turns. I have experienced the heights of glory and the depths of despair. I have somehow survived pitfalls that typically kill the average seeker. All the while, I learned about myself. I would not wish for my path to be different, but I have come to know that much of the difficulty I experienced along this crazy road of personal development was completely unnecessary. I know this because there is an overall structure to spiritual attainment. There is a method to the madness, because the mystery is actually a science.

The science of consciousness, or mysticism, has been the longest conversation in human existence. It has been painted in caves. It has been carved onto rock faces. It has been tattooed on men who lived 5000 years ago. It has been presented in the temples. It has been performed in amphitheaters and on stages. It has been written on scrolls and in books. It has been filmed. It has been shown on television and in theaters around the world. I am sure that when the next development of communication comes into existence, it will again be part of that next generation of human expression.

Every belief system, both past and present, uses this structure as the framework for its theology. This framework is revealed in the myths and parables of each culture. It can be found in the symbols of the mystical groups and it is possible to experience the grand design through the rituals and practices of each religion.

We are in a unique time in human history when the spiritual knowledge of every religion and belief system is easily accessible. With the advent of the internet, nothing is secret anymore. There are an infinite number of people who, for good or for bad, reveal the deepest teachings for all the world to see. The masterworks of the saints and sages of every religion can be read by anyone. The mystical texts have come out of the shadows and are no longer reserved just for the advanced students of a particular faith. The mission, if you choose to accept it, is to put together the pieces and see the structure that has defined human belief from the dawn of time.




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Why so Many Religions?

January 2016


There is nothing more exciting to me than digging into the architecture of spirituality. Spiritual philosophy goes past the stories and past the symbols to the energies of inner transformation. I was not brought up in a religious home. So, when I was first exposed to religion as an adult, I had a lot of catching up to do. When the priest told everyone to open their Bibles to John 1:1-3, I asked, “What page is that on?” Like many who begin the mystical journey, my first question was “If there is only one God, then why are there so many religions?” I held this question in the back of my mind for many years. As I wandered through the belief systems of the world, this question remained unanswered.

Several years later, I was digging through the lock box. Amongst the birth certificates, passports and property deeds were the silver coins I had bought during the year each child was born. My first child was born in 1986, which was the 100th anniversary of The Statue of Liberty. Handling the coin gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling for the time when my son had just come into the world. The pressure of time made me reel my mind back to the subject at hand. So, I grabbed the document I needed and shut the lock box.

But, for some reason my mind became fixated on The Statue of Liberty. For the next few weeks, I kept seeing emblems, ads, and pictures of the statue itself in a synchronistic fashion. I knew that the universe was guiding me, but to what? By this time, I was deep into exploring mystical philosophy. The Statue of Liberty is not mystical, or was it? It was then that I realized that all mystical philosophy used symbolism to convey its message. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of the United States. So, I took out my books and started to analyze the statue just as I would analyze a spiritual symbol.

I was amazed to find that The Statue of Liberty is actually a convergence of many symbols. She incorporates a torch, a book, and a 13 point arrayed crown. She stands on a star and has an elevator that lifts you up to a windowed viewing deck in her forehead. The Statue of Liberty resonates with each person because she embodies a multiple number of ideologies instead of designating one exclusive truth.

She contains many ideals but is only one statue. She is a singularity and a multiplicity rolled together. We are able to appreciate the diversity she represents because we can see the whole. When we can view spirituality in its wholeness, then we will comprehend why there is such diversity in the ways of veneration and worship.


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