Mixing the Mystical Paths causes Psychological Damage

It is not hard to imagine why religion has always been an instigator of war when you realize that mixing the spiritual practices from different religions can cause real psychological harm. The Kundalini overload experience is now being documented by science. When experience of mystical practices feels more like torture than bliss, who wouldn’t want to kill someone for causing such pain?

I have spent 15 years researching the major religions to find out why those who seek a deep personal relationship with the divine often suffer physically and psychologically. My research revealed that most cultures have two completely different methods of spiritual transformation buried within their scriptures. They are:

The Hero’s Journey or Warrior’s Path, which uses Kundalini to kill the ego.

The Grail Path or Virgin’s Path, which uses the Light or Grace to grow the spirit and give birth to the divine child.

It seems that psychological breakdown takes place when the spiritual path you follow does not harmonize with the make-up of your inner being. The key to selecting a beneficial spiritual path is personality type.

The Hero’s Journey is for the intellectual types.

The Grail Path is for the creative and emotional types.

The ancient system of inner transformation developed specifically to help creative and emotional people spans many cultures and has many names. This spiritual path is celebrated for its ability to bring hope, peace, and clarity to the creative and emotional person. Buddhist’s know it as The Flower Sermon. Taoist’s call it The Secret of the Golden Flower. Christian’s identify with the legends of The Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is not an object. It is a system of mystical transformation, or a spiritual path, used by mystics. A mystic is a person who has direct personal contact with the divine energies. After spending time following the advise of the ancient scriptures, I discovered that the platter, the cup, and all the other portrayals of the Holy Grail are actually levels of spiritual attainment.

Once we understand that there is a yin and yang to spiritual development, the spiritual practices of every society will be honored for the knowledge they contain. When both paths are understood and honored, everyone will have the opportunity to reach their highest human potential.


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