Science is confirming one of Jesus’ sayings

Brain science has come a long way in recent times, but is it really discovering something new? The old science of left-brain and right-brain mentalities has been thrown out the window. Scientists are now using functional MRI to watch how the brain processes information. They have found that the brain does not “light up” on just the left or right side. What the scientists found was that the brain follows a particular circuit when it processes information. (Yes! You mind does run in circles!)

The scientists have mapped three different brain circuits. They are:

  • The Executive Attention Network: it governs focus and linear thinking.
  • The Imagination Network: it governs creativity, empathy, and running mental simulations.
  • The Internal Salience Network: it governs inner awareness and outer movements.

We each have a favorite circuit or favorite way to process information. Intellectual personalities generally use the Executive Attention Network. They can “see” into the depths of the logic through their ability to focus. Creative-Emotional personality types feel the vibrations of the environment, or “hear.” When there is a balance between the two first two networks, the inner awareness of the Internal Salience network opens.

Many have wondered what Jesus meant when he said, “Those who see, see! Those who hear, hear!” It seems that Jesus was aware of the two different ways people come to mystical realization. So once again, science is just verifying the knowledge that the ancient masters already knew.


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