Killing the Ego is not for Everyone

Enlightenment has been a male dominated achievement for over 2000 years. The advent of One God commanded that there be only one spiritual path. The process of individuation or enlightenment, along this spiritual path, required the killing of the ego. This tenant still holds true today.

Ego consists of narrow thought patterns that lead to condemnation and judgment of anything that does not fit within its constricted parameters. Love and caring then becomes a weapon for getting others to conform to your way of thinking. So, killing the ego would widen the viewpoint and allow compassion to manifest within the soul. Practices and doctrines of this spiritual path use methods to intensify feeling and instill compassion.

Creative and emotional people, however, do not think; they feel. When the practices that intensify feeling are followed, the emotional system of the creative person becomes overwhelmed causing stress, anxiety, and depression. Extended periods of stress can lead to health issues and can even cause insanity. In the forth and fifth century, church leaders like Augustine of Hippo and Jerome considered women to be morally and spiritually inferior to men. Those who had creative and emotionally based personalities were then denied pastoral rights and relegated to the fringes of the spiritual society.

The sad fact is that there is a spiritual path designed specifically for creative and emotional people. It is found in almost every culture of the world. This path brings peace to the emotions and clarity to the mind. The Taoists have outlined this path in The Secrets of the Golden Flower. Buddha revealed this path with his Flower Sermon. The tales of The Holy Grail detail the levels of attainment for this spiritual path.

The goal of enlightenment is to balance the heart and the mind. If you have mind then practices that open the heart are the best path for you. If you have heart, then the practices that strengthen the mind are what are needed.

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Mischa V Alyea is the author of The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person. She is also the Founder of Aashni Spiritual Living.



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