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Learn the ½ Minute Technique

½ Minute Meditations will show you which beginning meditation practices:

  • Keep overwhelming emotions at bay
  • Help you think clearly and logically
  • Expand intuition and spark creativity

You do not have to selfishly consume a large part of your day sitting in a meditation hall. It is possible to experience the benefits of meditation in the small snippets of your day.  

Learn to manage stress . . .

  • When it arises
  • Anywhere
  • Throughout the day

½ Minute Meditations is a simple guide that will bring meditation into everyday life for those who want to improve their lives – but are short on time.

You will learn how to meditate . . .

  • While sitting at your desk
  • While in the shower
  • While walking through a parking lot
  • While waiting for the microwave to ding
  • While riding public transportation

Take charge of the life you were meant to live. Rid yourself of overwhelming emotions and negative mind chatter. Train your mind and reduce stress. Starting a ½ Minute Meditation practice will do all this and more.

No mat or guru required.





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