Createspace Hacked! Check Your Bank Account!

On Sunday November 19, the Createspace website was unavailable for several hours. Once the site came up, I was not able to log into my Createspace account. It said that there was no email associated with any account.

I called Createspace. They informed me that someone had changed the email associated with my account to an address that was not mine. This email address had flooded my email account with 7000 emails on Saturday.

Once we got all that taken care of, I thought all was well. However when I checked the bank account that my royalties would be sent to, it too had been changed.

If this happened to you, call Createspace and get them to restore your account to you. Then check the bank account that the royalties will be sent to. Most likely it is no longer your bank account. Then change all the passwords associated with Createspace, your bank account, and any credit card you had linked in Createspace.







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