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The Third Book in our Mystical Series



Experiencing the Nativity Within

The Mystical Journey of Mary

This book will be a trifecta of experience. Experiencing the Nativity Within will include a recommended playlist of Christmas carols that will lead you through the emotions of this spiritual journey.

Your mind will be facinated with the historical background that is the basis for many of our ancient traditions.

There will also be recommended spiritual practices that will allow your soul to revel in the experience of mystical transformation.

Come and experience the wonder of Christmas in a way that will transform your life.



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The Second Book in our Mystical Transformation Series


The Basics of Mysticism: 

Defining the Six facets of Spiritual Development


Mysticism is the science of optimizing the chemistry of the body, the psychology of the mind, and the bioelectrical field of the spirit in such a way that transforms the human experience.

Achieving the ultimate in spiritual development requires that the conscious and unconscious facets of the body, mind and spirit be brought under conscious control.

In the past, the only way to achieve such a high state of personal development was through religion. Today, science is not just verifying the achievements of highly developed spiritual beings but is able to achieve the same results using secular means.

The Basics of Mysticism is a thought provoking book that has finally bridged the gap between science and religion. It blends the body science of Olympic athletes, cutting edge brain science of the modern era, and the science of the ancient healing energies into one formula that explains every belief system from the dawn of time.

The mystical path can be a treacherous journey. The ominous warnings of the spiritual masters cannot be ignored. Participating in esoteric practices that overload the spiritual energy system harms many who seek mystical transformation.

The Basics of Mysticism shows you the pitfalls of spiritual transformation and why some practices are banned for certain personality types.

It is impossible to achieve the highest mystical states for those who do not understand the basics of mysticism. The delicate balances required to reach the transcendent states of the saints and spiritual masters cannot be achieved by ignoring the body, disregarding the power of the mind, or choosing practices at random.

No two people are alike. It is important to follow a program that is specifically designed to bring balance to your body-mind-spirit complex. The Basics of Mysticism allows each person to build a program of transformation that fits their individual needs.

In this revolutionary book, you will learn:

  • The Six Facets of Mysticism
  • The Two Spiritual Energies
  • The Twin Paths of Transformation
  • The true meanings behind many

of the mystical teachings

And much more . . .




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The First of our Mystical Transformation Series

Mystical Transformation should never cause 

catastrophic psychological breakdown  

The Grail Path front cover FINAL


Time and time again, those who seek mystical transformation end up suffering physiological and psychological breakdowns, never realizing that there were two paths to spiritual enlightenment. 

Many spiritual students and teachers do not realize that personality type is a key consideration in selecting which mystical path to follow.

The Grail Path is an ancient system of inner transformation developed specifically for creative and emotional personality types.

In this book, the creative-emotional person and the trained spiritual advisor will learn:

  • Why ego-killing spiritual transformation systems are detrimental to the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of creative-emotional personalities.
  • The four basic personalities that are encompassed within the creative-emotional personality category.
  • The natural progression of inner transformation for a creative-emotional personality.

The Good News is:

If you have experienced an energy imbalance then the devastation can be reversed. Spiritual practices and rituals are designed to invoke and enhance one of the two Divine Energies. By changing the practices and rituals you can change the energy that runs through through the spiritual system.

I know this because I have done it. The first time took me 10 years. The second time took me 5 years. The third time took only 12 weeks to recover and rebalance my energies. You can do it for yourself or as a spiritual professional you can help others reverse the damage and reach their highest spiritual potential.

Learn the 1/2 Minute Technique!

1/2 Minute Meditations Anyone can do Anywhere
1/2 Minute Meditations Anyone can do Anywhere: A simple practice to calm emotions and sharpen focus or expand intuition and enhance creativity.

½ Minute Meditations will show you which practices:
• Keep overwhelming emotions at bay
• Help you think clearly and logically
• Expand intuition and spark creativity

You do not have to selfishly consume a large part of your day sitting in a meditation hall. It is possible to experience the benefits of meditation in the small snippets of your day.  ½ Minute Meditations is a simple guide that will bring meditation into everyday life for those who want to improve their lives – but are short on time.
You will learn how to meditate . . .
• While sitting at your desk
• While in the shower
• While walking through a parking lot
• While waiting for the microwave to ding
• While riding public transportation

Take charge of the life you were meant to live. Rid yourself of overwhelming emotions and negative mind chatter. Train your mind and reduce stress. Starting a ½ Minute Meditation practice will do all this and more.

No mat or guru required.




Jesus' Wedding
Jesus’ Wedding: A peak into the Inner World shrouded by the Mystical Veil

Blank - 500Jesus’ Wedding is an all in one guide to understanding the twin paths of Mystical Transformation.

The Grail Path and The Hero’s Journey are the twin paths of Mystical Transformation. When you learn the differences between these two paths it will unlock the spiritual secrets of the ancients that bring enlightenment to everyone.



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