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Available TODAY!


Experiencing the Nativity Within:

The History, the Mystery, and the Practices of Virgin Birth



Experiencing the Nativity Within takes its inspiration from the Christmas Eve service created by Reverend Karyn Bradley. This beautiful service combined the biblical account of the Nativity with traditional and contemporary Christmas carols.

Experiencing the Nativity Within unwraps the mystery of Christmas and provides an illuminating spiritual experience. The playlist is designed to take the listener on a mystical journey through the story of the Nativity. These songs, when played in order, provide a deep, emotional experience that will transform the spirit and bring you to a profound understanding of the birth of the divine child within.

In addition to a playlist of seasonal favorites, Experiencing the Nativity Within contains historical tidbits, details of the mystical journey, and suggested spiritual practices. There is also a candle lighting ceremony that you can create for yourself or share with your friends.

Give your Spirit a Christmas filled with Light and Love.


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