What We Do:


We understand that each person has unique spiritual

needs. What enlightens one person will destroy the

inner psyche of another person.


We are dedicated to helping each person find the belief

system that will enhance their human potential and bring

beneficial change while respecting all the other belief systems.






Mischa V Alyea is a jack-of-all-trades and loves all things ecological and environmental. She has done everything from developing an inventing workshop as the elementary science fair coordinator, to directing Day Camp for 300 girls, to refinishing the wood floors in her home. She is an accomplished seamstress, event planner, DIY’er, and cat herder.

Mischa got her first real taste of religion when she spent a brief time as a Catholic. She was confirmed in 1984, but soon after left the church. It was fourteen years before she again looked into the teachings of the church.

In 1998, Mischa was introduced to meditation when she joined Unity. It was at this time that she became deeply interested in religion, psychology, and spiritual practice. It was here that she delved deeply into the Christian religion.

Later, she was initiated into Sufism and empowered by a Tibetan Rinpoche. She furthered her studies by reading the works of the mystics, as well as studied, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen. When she was introduced to the practice of Qi Gong, her interests turned to energy practice and theory.

As the founder of Aashni Spiritual Living, Mischa writes and publishes books on meditation and integrated spiritual philosophy. Mischa lives in Kansas City with her husband Tom and Sushi the infamous House Monster.


Our Mission:


To live a life that benefits

ourselves, our human family,

 and the environment.



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