The Kiss of the Divine

We come to the month of June and the first thing that comes to mind is that it is traditionally the month of weddings. Did you know that the initial entry ceremony into the ancient Greek and Roman female mystery cults was known as The Wedding? The initiate, dressed in white, portrayed the part of the goddess or bride and was “married” to the male godhead. The ceremony was complete when the new initiate received The Kiss of God. From the mystical perspective, The Wedding that is culminated by The Kiss is the first mystical event that occurs along the spiritual journey that brings wholeness or holiness to women.

Michelangelo’s representation of Adam and Eve, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, suggests that a woman’s spiritual journey involved marriage to God. While Adam’s journey requires that he must reach up to God, Eve is cradled under God’s left arm. This intimate pose and left side placement illustrates that Eve was the wife of the man in question, in this case God the Father. The Marriage to God ceremony continues to this day. When a Catholic nun takes her vows, she is married to Christ and wears a wedding ring as a reminder of her vow.

We can use the spiritual energies to explain the long-lived tradition of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the chakras are traversed from base to crown using the Divine Power of Passion or Kundalini. This path transforms men and is widely known as The Hero’s Journey or The Path of the King. However, this is not the only way to enlightenment. The Grail Path, “The Nativity” in Christian lore, The Buddha’s flower sermon, and the Taoist parable called “The Secret of the Golden Flower” traverses the chakras from the crown to the base using the Divine Power commonly referred to as Grace by Christians and Light by Buddhists and Hindus.

The Wedding is a ceremony that opens the crown chakra so that the Divine Power of Grace can begin to cleanse the inner being. When the Divine Power of Grace reaches the throat chakra, there is a physical sensation around the area of the mouth. It feels like you are physically being kissed! Maybe the fairytales have a little more substance than was previously thought. Both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were (spiritually) awakened by a kiss. Those who have experienced this mystical event are changed forever in ways that can only be explained in the context of mystical metaphor.

So, the next time you go to a wedding, don’t forget that this ceremony originally began as a spiritual initiation for women. Just as we relive our own weddings at these events, we can renew our connection to the divine when we hear the words, “You may kiss the bride.”

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