Just Walking Each Other Home

We are all

just walking

each other home.

~Ram Dass

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We are Here to Awaken

We are here to awaken

from the illusion

of separateness.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Self-realization is the Greatest Service

Your own self-realization

is the greatest service

you can render to the world.

~Sri Ramana Maharshi



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Unless we awaken

Unless we awaken

from our personal and collective dreams,

we will continue to live in a state of

unconsciousness on the surface

of a life of infinite potential.




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Method to the Madness

February 2016

When I began my mystical quest, I read every spiritual book I could get my hands on. I read everything from the deep philosophical works of the Hindu Upanishads to the popular New Age best sellers. I didn’t limit myself to just one religion. I devoured everything. Over time, I began to notice many similarities in the symbols presented in the myths and parables. For example, I noticed that the symbol of the serpent was a fundamental part of many religious traditions. However, in one religion the serpent was a loving and benevolent character. While in another religion, the serpent was the Devil. I became very confused! There had to be a method to the madness!

So, I categorized each belief system. I separated them by the way the common symbols were interpreted. As I began to track the patterns of belief, it became clear that the ancients were trying to explain the basic structure of the cosmos. It looked very much like physics or chemistry presented in story form. The various myths and parables described a dynamic interaction between two cosmic forces that were disguised as deities. The most surprising part was that the ancients considered balance to be the key to a well-lived life. Neither force was considered bad until the overall balance of the world was affected and it overwhelmed the opposite force. This lead to creating practices and rituals that would activate the opposite force and bring the cosmos back into balance.

I found that the ancient cultures had a tendency to believe in a supreme God and his wife, the supreme Goddess. The supreme God, commonly referred to as God the Father or Father Sky, ruled the heavens. The power that emanated down from Father Sky was symbolized as: bread that falls from heaven; rain; lighting; or Grace. The power of Father Sky was universally described as being the color white or iridescent. The supreme Goddess, on the other hand, was most commonly referred to as Mother Earth and ruled the environment. The power that rose up from Mother Earth was symbolized as: wine; blood; serpent; fire; lava; or Kundalini. The power of Mother Earth was associated with the color red or black.

My discoveries endorsed the findings of today’s scholars who acknowledge that belief evolves through the ages. What was believed in an earlier time was not discarded. The main points were kept, while the minor points were tweaked to fit that society’s current scientific knowledge and social beliefs. For the most part, modern religion has stopped believing in the marriage between Father Sky and Mother Earth. However, the two divine energies that these deities represented in the ancient times live today in the Taoist Yin and Yang, the Hindu Shiva and Shakti, and the Christian Bread and Wine.

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