If it is not fully dead,

it will grow another head.


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I Believe in the Fundamental Truth

I believe in the fundamental truth

of all great religions of the the world.


I believe in all the great religions

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Meditation can reintroduce you


can reintroduce you to the part

that’s been missing.

-Russell Simmons

Meditation can reintroduce youMeditation can reintroduce you

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Accept what is,

Accept what is,

let go of what was,

and have faith in what will be.



Accept what is, let go of what was,cc

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If you truly loved yourself

If you truly loved yourself,

you could never hurt another



If you loved yourself

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The Thing about Meditation is . . .

The thing about meditation is:

You become more and more You.

-David Lynch


The thing about meditation

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